Popwallet drives commerce for brand and retail marketers. We do this by providing software and services enabling the creation, distribution, redemption, and attribution of mobile wallet content.

Mobile wallets such as Apple Wallet, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay have to date been largely focused on payments and other financial services. However, mobile wallets have two sides, and the content side of mobile wallets belongs to the marketer. Mobile wallets provide marketers a rapidly growing opportunity to get in front of consumers at the point of purchase with coupons, gift cards, loyalty programs, tickets, and other dynamic content like product and event information and even customer and member ID.

Mobile wallet usage is projected to be massive in the years to come, enabling marketers to reach mobile consumers not just by showing them ads, but rather by delivering powerful brand messages with relevance and utility that consumers find valuable and encourages commerce, affinity, and ultimately, loyalty. With Popwallet providing the ability to deliver, measure, attribute, and optimize these efforts, mobile marketers can once and for all close the loop between branding and ROI.