Mobile Wallet Marketing Funnel
Mobile Wallet Content Creation

Mobile Wallet Content Creation

We create Apple Wallet and Android Pay content so that you can stay focused on creating award winning mobile programs. Content can be coupons, offers, gift cards, loyalty cards, and membership IDs but they can also reward a VIP, announce a new product, or be used to share a seasonal recipe.

Mobile Wallet Content Distribution Options

Our mobile wallet content is built for and ready to be deployed through any digital marketing channel. Your customer can “Pop” content from social media channels, video, and display ads.

The Popwallet button can be added to your site, app or email for pops across multiple devices.

Mobile Wallet Content Distribution Options

Targeting Toolbox

We offer multiple targeting strategies to get your message in front of your next customer.

Audience Targeting Icon

Audience Targeting

Reach audiences based on demographic, behavioral, or interest level characteristics. Discover new audiences with powerful algorithms built and proven to deliver a brand’s KPIs.

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Location Targeting

Deliver a relevant message to people based on where they are or where they’ve been. Reach customers who have visited particular store-front locations or demonstrated other geo-behavioral characteristics.

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Event Targeting

Deliver dynamic weather or event triggered ads with conditional messages to ensure extreme relevancy. Even sync with TV shows to boost your own brand message or conquest that of a competing brand.


Reach your audience with more than just a brand message, rather deliver them value and utility that stimulates the kind of action and commerce that is native to the consumer mobile experience. Our proprietary VideOffer ad unit is mobile video content with a call to action that enables the consumer to add a branded offer to their mobile wallet.

VideOffer User Flow

3 Types of Lock Screen Notifications

Drive customers down the purchase funnel with lock screen notifications. Similar to mobile apps, the remarketing opportunities once a customer has installed your mobile wallet content are near endless.

There are 3 ways to trigger a notification:

  1. Location – either by GPS or beacon, send your customer a notification when they are in a relevant geographic area.
  2. Content Update – message a special deal or specific customer segment, content is dynamic and can be updated anytime.
  3. Time Relevancy – remind your customer that the offer is about to expire or a new product comes out tomorrow. Mobile wallets are an amazing “here and now” marketing channel.
Send Lock Screen Notifications

Redemption and Attribution

We offer multiple methods to capture and process offer redemption data. If a POS API integration is not possible today, we have other redemption options available.

Use our reporting dashboard to surface performance metrics including views, clicks, saves, and redemptions showing attribution for every dollar invested.

Redemption Tracking Partners

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We work with the best of breed partners for targeting, measurement, and attribution to ensure all campaigns reach the right audience.

Targeting, Measurement, and Attribution Partners