Mobile Wallet Content Creation

Popwallet makes it easy to create compelling mobile wallet content for both Apple Wallet and Android Pay. Supported content types include coupons, offers, gift cards, loyalty cards, and membership ID, but they can also reward a VIP, announce a new product, or be used to share a seasonal recipe.

Mobile wallet marketing through a Fresh Foods Coupon
Dynamically update coupon offers

Dynamic Updates

Mobile wallet content can be updated anytime to reflect a new 1:1 message. Whether the message needs to be “here and now” or reignite a specific consumer segment with an offer, Popwallet makes it simple to update content at scale.


Analytics & Reporting

Track mobile wallet content that has been saved, updated, and redeemed in addition to standard mobile engagement metrics. As your mobile wallet content audience grows, employ custom segmentation to help improve ROI.

All of our data is surfaced through a simple dashboard that allows for custom reporting.

Screenshot of Popwallet's analytics platform
Popwallet API Logo


The Popwallet API can be used to integrate mobile wallet content creation, analytics, and reporting into your existing platform and workflows.

Coupon Redemption Tracking Partners

Redemption API

The Popwallet Redemption API can easily be integrated into any NFC payment terminal or POS system. For Enterprise clients using mobile wallets at check-out this is the surest way to redeem an offer.

Attribution within the mobile wallet

Self Redemption

This is a redemption solution that can be instantly deployed. Your customer receives the offer, you track the redemption and attribute it back to the original distribution channel. Everybody wins.

Redemption success

Popwallet Scanner App

Download our iOS scanner app and turn your iPhone or iPad into a redemption device.

The Popwallet Scanner app can be found here in the Apple App Store.