Columbia University’s MBA program teamed up with ERA to provide their students real world experience in startups. Popwallet is happy to have welcomed not one, but two highly motivated interns helping us with corporate strategy and marketing until the summer.

Sampoorna Dasgupta brings a solid professional experience, working her way up to Assistant Vice President at Deutsche Bank in five years. She is very interested in analytics and data; a great match for us since Popwallet is busy building data products to optimize audience segmentation and dynamic offerings.

As an MBA student, what would you like to get out of an internship at an early stage startup? I have been focused on both Strategy and Technology in my MBA classes. Through this internship, I would like to be able to combine these lessons in a dynamic environment and get hands-on exposure to strategy and operations, understand the VC and funding model for early-stage companies and work with a dynamic team that has founded and sold companies before.

You have work experiences at corporates. What are your thoughts on how start-ups and corporates can work best together?  I think the exchange of ideas between start-ups and corporates is critical – often, corporates have needs that are not always met by their internal Technology teams and look for third-party vendor solutions. Start-ups can fill this gap easily and move the needle for corporates quickly. I have also seen corporates adopt some working practices from start-ups, like the Agile methodology and open, shared co-working spaces – this can also help them understand each other better as they work together.

What excites you most about Popwallet? I am most excited about learning and interacting with the various members of the Popwallet team, who bring very different backgrounds and perspectives to the table every day.