I attended LendIt, a FinTech conference with over 5,500 attendees, last week. One of the remarks I heard stuck with me: “FinTech is becoming to banks what BioTech is to pharma.” Continuing this train of thought, would this statement also ring true for MarTech startups? Should early stage MarTech startups work directly with brands or are they better off helping to accelerate innovation with marketing cloud giants, so they can serve cutting-edge and holistic solutions to big brand marketers?  

Creating coherent customer engagement is a huge challenge today. Brand marketers are inundated with dozens of channels and a growing number of emerging tech solutions. Orchestrating a congruent brand experience, connecting disparate data sources and attributing ROI is no easy task. To make it even more challenging, there are tons of new MarTech startups eager to embark on pilot projects. Welcome to the world of a brand marketer in 2017.

One solution to manage this complex landscape is to deploy an integrated marketing suite provided by tech giants such as Oracle, Salesforce, Adobe, IBM, and others. Although an integrated solution is enticing it doesn’t fully solve for rapidly changing customer demands. Brand marketers are increasingly vocal demanding agility and solutions for new channels to meet their needs in reaching consumers on their terms. So marketing cloud giants are opening up to nimble MarTech startups to give their clients a product innovation edge.

One example: marketers have started to take notice of the growth of mobile wallets as a marketing channel. Effective Mobile Wallet marketing can be orchestrated amongst solutions like Email, SMS, and Push notification, providing a seamless consumer experience. A holistic and multi-channel solution enables brand marketer to test innovative solutions, measure and ultimately optimize consumer journeys. This is why Popwallet recently entered into partnerships with Oracle and IBM and will be announcing more over the coming months.

Regardless the choice on how to go-to-market for a nimble startup, giant marketing cloud company or a brand marketer, we all acknowledge marketing is changing at a dazzling speed. Scaling quickly, collaborating and being embedded in the entire marketing ecosystem is a prerequisite for all to survive and thrive.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on how partners in the marketing ecosystem can grow better together. Please share in the comments or drop me a line at louise@popwallet.com.