We’re growing our team and love to introduce you to our new members. We sat down with Omar Bryan, who joined our team in January. As our new designer, he will take mobile wallet content design to the next level!

What made you go into graphic design?

For as long as I can remember, I have always had a passion for the arts. Whether it be online or on paper, I have always been fascinated with the world of art. In my teenage years, I entered many art competitions to which I was always placed in the top three. As I grew older, this ignited my passion to take my artistry to another level and I became enamored with Adobe Creative Master Suite. Quickly I became self-taught graphic artist whose talents quickly grew that I was able to form an online graphic business with my older brother. To date, we serve a rapidly growing clientele and we have been fortunate enough to work with some very reputable companies and nonprofit organizations. These achievements ignited, my inward passion to continue with Graphic Design.

What do you love about your mobile device?

My mobile device like many others have become an intricate part to my daily activities, from planning events, to scheduling meetings for work, school and otherwise. It has become a vital part to the standard of life. However, what I really love the most as it relates to my mobile device is that it allows me to reconnect and connect with my loved ones and I’m able to reminisce about the good times I have had with them and create new ones.

What excites you the most about Popwallet?

Since my few weeks at Popwallet, I am amazed at the comradery the team members exhibit. Yes, they are a small startup company, but because of their work ethic they are quickly becoming individuals who are on the cutting edge of the mobile marketing industry. I’m excited to be working amongst outstanding individuals who all excel in their field. I’m learning quickly how to function in a multicultural environment which I love.