We’re thrilled to announce that Popwallet was accepted and is participating in the 12th cohort of the Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator (ERA). The application process is very competitive with ERA filtering through about 1,000 applications with multiple rounds of interviews. We’re honored to be part of the final 12.

ERA counts alumni companies as diverse as TripleLift, CardFlight, Seamlessdocs, and even Dog Parker, a company that provides temperature controlled dog parking that you can pay for by the minute (what a world we live in!).

As a more traditional accelerator program, participation comes with a financial investment as well as free office space throughout the duration of the program, both of which are terrific for any startup looking to control expenses while growing at the same time. Even more valuable is the program structure, designed to focus on key operational metrics that indicate if we’re growing at the rate we should be, while introducing us to an extensive network of other entrepreneurs, investors, and business leaders from the New York tech startup community.

Though we’re in the early stages of the program we’re already seeing some clear benefits. For example, another company in our cohort introduced us to a digital coupon company with whom we have some really interesting opportunities to collaborate. ERA staff also introduced us to the CEO of an exciting digital gift card company that’s a program alum and with whom we’re going to start working. Our platform will enable their customers to save gift cards into their mobile wallet where they’re more convenient for them to store and use. Once in their mobile wallet, they can be remarketed to in order to drive usage and ultimately the purchase of more gift cards. We also met with an experienced software designer who’s an ERA mentor and who spent time with us reimagining our user interface, really opening up new opportunities for us and our users. All of this has been thanks to the strong ERA community.

After a rigorous four months the program concludes with a Demo Day attended by over 700 investors from New York and the broader investment network. Talk about pressure! I can’t wait to watch my co-founders Wes and David present while I sit in the back of the room drinking coffee and taking pictures (they don’t know this part yet).

Here’s a short video showing what the Demo Day is experience is like: https://youtu.be/9XTN_jjJ-R0

Though we’ve only just started we’re excited to see what the next several months have in store and are confident that the experience will help us continue our growth. Thank you ERA for this wonderful opportunity!