Why the new name?

We started one year ago as a programmatic advertising platform with a pragmatic focus on mobile and video, hence our original name Pragmadic. Shortly thereafter Android Pay, Apple Wallet, and Samsung Pay all launched and we came to recognize the potential of this new channel for brand and retail marketers that have long struggled with measurable mobile marketing. With mobile wallets projected to be used by 65% of U.S. consumers and 1 billion people globally by 2019, they present a brand-new and exciting mobile marketing channel with unique opportunities for highly effective marketing that connects the mobile and physical worlds.

Why Popwallet?

Pragmadic was a great name for us as a programmatic advertising platform. Now that we’ve evolved into a mobile wallet technology platform we want our name to speak to that. Our marketing solutions allow for consumers to “pop” branded, action oriented content right into their mobile wallet: Popwallet! Simple as that.

What is Popwallet?

Our SaaS platform allows clients to setup and manage end-to-end mobile marketing programs through mobile wallets. These programs provide for distribution of lightweight content that’s location aware, action oriented and dynamic, and resides in the wallet right at the point of purchase. Content types include coupons, loyalty cards, product and event information, customer and membership ID, and branded tickets. Mobile wallet content is easy to access and can complement or outright replace the need for a branded mobile app.

What does this means for you?

Business will operate as usual. You will still be working with the same outstanding team, and it should be a seamless transition from Pragmadic to Popwallet. If you are running mobile video or location based targeting campaigns, no worries: we will continue to serve you.

What's coming down the pike?

We are proud and excited about several big name retail and CPG clients that recently signed on for mobile wallet marketing campaigns. More and more mobile passes are being created and delivered to consumers. We are also are proud creators and sponsors of “Conference Cards” being used at AdExchanger Omni.Digital in Chicago September 7-8 and ExchangeWire ATS in London September 12, come say hi to our team if you’re there.

Want to learn more and pick our brain on what we can do for you?

We have an awesome rooftop terrace in the middle of the city, one block from Bryant Park. Come up for a refreshing drink! We're happy to brainstorm on how you and your clients can benefit from this exciting new mobile marketing channel.