The Lock Screen: Marketers’ Most Valuable Real Estate

How many times do you check your smartphone per day? Imagine your lock screen as you take a quick glance at the time or a new text message. A few seconds here or there may not seem like much, but it isn’t long before they add up. On average, we check our phones over 80 times a day. For millennials and Gen Z, that number nearly doubles.

Now imagine what a brand could do with that.

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Ariana Alessandri
How Safe are Contactless Payments?

Imagine you and your friend make a bet. You trade your mobile-wallet enabled smartphone for their credit card to see who can make the most purchases in a single day without getting caught. While you might feel separation anxiety from handing over that precious smartphone, you know your money will be safe. Your friend’s credit card, on the other hand, would be much more secure in their old leather wallet.

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Ariana AlessandriComment
Future of Mobile Wallets: NFC and Mobile MetroCards

Picture this: It’s 8:20 in the morning and you’re rushing off to work with your umbrella, apartment keys, and shoulder bag in hand. You head down the block and into the subway station. You rummage through your bag in search for your MetroCard as your train approaches the station. You swipe hurriedly, but when you look down, you read this message: Please swipe again at this turnstile. Your train has just arrived. You swipe again only to get more bad news: Insufficient fare. Your train pulls out of the station.

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